Getting to know Your TEAM

Your success is our success.  You are the expert when it comes to driving your truck.  We are the experts when it comes to keeping all of your finances, paperwork, tax and compliance requirements in order. Along the way, we are available to answer your questions to help you make all of the “what if” decisions so many Owner Operators, Fleet Owners and even Company Drivers need to make.


LaDawn Foster, Owner

LaDawn started Total Truck Support Services, Inc. in 2006.  After spending over 25 years as a business consultant in much of the western United States, she had the desire to concentrate on helping the Truck Drivers of America start, build, and operate a successful Trucking business.  LaDawn grew up in and around the trucking industry and learned at an early age just how important trucking is to the economy and our everyday lives.  She brings to this industry her expertise and passion for all aspects of the Trucking Industry.  In addition to being nationally Certified in Accounting and Bookkeeping practices as well as Income Tax Preparation, LaDawn brings integrity, enthusiasm, professionalism, and the ability to “teach” new and seasoned business owners innovative ways of conducting business in a patient and compassionate manner.  LaDawn has spent many years helping to implement business processes and procedures from start-up, hiring personnel and operational protocols to consistently operating a successful business in many different industries.  She is also an expert in helping business owners obtain a “true and accurate” picture of their financial status which is so critical, especially in the “start-up” phase.  Your success is very important to LaDawn and that is why the focus of Total Truck Support Services, Inc. is to “team-up” with each client on a one-on-one basis to give them the time and attention needed to ensure their business is successful.