Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you send us your paperwork, it won’t get lost in the “shuffle”, & you will get a picture of where you are on your “road to success” EVERY month with no surprises when it comes to your Income Taxes? We are available to answer your questions so many Owner/Operators, Fleet Owners and Company Drivers need to ask.

Your success is our success. You are the expert when it comes to driving your truck. We are the experts in keeping all of your finances and paperwork in order. Our job is to make your job much easier. Our number one goal is to help you to achieve YOUR goals. That is how we “define” TEAM work.

It’s difficult to do your job of “delivering the goods” on-time & to worry about the “dollars & cents” & the, “Am I in Compliance?” questions, too. We are here to do your paperwork & make it all make sense on a Monthly basis. We will set you up with the materials you need to stay in Compliance & pass your checkpoint inspections.

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Top 5 Reasons

1) Total Truck Support Services, Inc. is your one stop to become part of a team that provides all of your trucking taxes, trucker accounting, and  Owner Operator support needs from starting your company to operating a profitable business.

*You’ve heard the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your trucker needs advertised like accounting, personal and business income taxes, safety and compliance, and fuel taxes, and later find out that you still had to find other sources for what they did not offer. No need to look any further, we do it all! It’s time to TEAM up with us at Total Truck Support Services, Inc. and find out how much easier life on the road can be by truly having ALL of your needs met in one place, by one TEAM.

2) Personalized service where you’re not just another ‘Truck Driver’, you’re part of a TEAM.

*While you’re on the road, away from HOME, who is taking care of all of your trucking bookkeeping, tax preparation and tax filing,  and motor carrier and safety compliance needs? You can rest assured that all of your “Back Office” paper work and compliance requirements are taken care of by your TEAM at Total Truck Support Services, Inc.

3) Qualified staff and expert advice with over 30 years combined experience.

*The owners of Total Truck Support Services, Inc. have spent many years in the trucking tax prep, truck driver permitting, and owner operator requirements business of helping truckers succeed, and our expertise is in the field of transportation.

4) Expert assistance to help you, ‘The Owner Operator’ better understand what is needed to stay profitable and in compliance.

*We don’t lump you into a group and think that what works for one Trucker will work for all Truckers. We look at your specific needs and tailor a plan to fit your requirements. This will allow you to optimize your profitability and success.

5) We work with you, ‘The Business Owner’, to ensure that all of your tax filings, tax returns, tax preparations, fuel taxes, registration, permitting, and financials are done accurately, on time, and backed with a full support team to answer all of your questions.

*Buy yourself some piece of mind by joining our TEAM today and creating the ‘Hassle Free Driving Experience You Deserve.