Truck Driver Compliance Services

  1. Obtaining New FMCSA/DOT Numbers and Motor Carrier Authorities
  2. Obtaining Broker Authorities
  3. Expedite Services for New Authorities
  4. Obtain Intrastate Authorities for States requiring this Additional Licensing
  5. Process Agent Services (required by FMCSA)
  6. BOC-3 Filings (required by FMCSA)
  7. Insurance Filings (required by FMCSA)
  8. State Annual Permits (Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon)
  9. Obtain Canadian Commercial Carrier Code and Insurance Filings
  10. Motor Vehicle and Equipment Registration with State Department of Motor Carriers
  11. Obtain IFTA (International Fuel Tax Act) License – Required for all IRP Registered Carriers
  12. Biennial DOT Updates – Required by FMCSA
  13. UCR Filing Annually – Required by FMCSA
  14. Quarterly Fuel Tax Reporting for IRP Registered Operators
  15. Monthly and/or Quarterly Mileage, Fuel and Weight/Distance Tax Reporting at State Level
  16. 2290 Tax Filings and Online Payments – Required Annually

Trucking Compliance Help

Total Truck Support really does offer total support for truckers. Not only do we offer tax preparation services, we also are your one stop shop for trucking compliance services.

Your company, drivers and trucks each need to be in regulatory compliance as well as operating efficiently to keep costs under control and revenue at maximum.  The Total Truck Support TEAM will expertly do the work for you allowing you to focus on the road.  Our solutions will give you the tools maximize revenue, decrease expenses, improve cash flow and provide best practice training methods all while helping you remain in regulatory trucking compliance.

Whether you are just getting your new trucking business set up and operating legally, adding  trucks or drivers to your current business or just needing some help with a specific trucking problem, Total Truck Support can help. You can have a trained expert readily available to help keep you on track and respond to your specific trucking needs.

Contact us today for all of your trucker accounting, bookkeeping, registration, permitting and trucking tax preparation and tax filing needs.

Trucking Safety Services

  1. New Entrant Safety Audit Assistance
  2. Trucking Safety Compliance & Training
  3. Compliance Audit Assistance
  4. Drug & Alcohol Consortium Assistance