Avoid Stress With Total Truck Support Services

As a trucking tax preparation company we know that life on the road, while exciting, is stressful. Being behind the wheel in traffic for hours on end can certainly cause a truck driver stress. Below are a few tips from the Headache Foundation that can help you de-stress. A great sigh of relief can also come from knowing that Total Truck Support has you covered for all your trucking tax and compliance needs!

1. Eliminate or restrict the amount of caffeine in your diet.

  1. 2. Plan ahead.  Don’t let the gas tank get below one-quarter full.
  2. 3. Don’t put up with something that doesn’t work right.  If your alarm clock, windshield wipers – whatever­ are a constant aggravation, get them fixed or get new ones.
  3. 4. Pull over and stretch periodically as your job requires that you sit for extended periods.
  4. 5. Learn to live one day at a time.


If you suffer from stress, try the above steps and keep an eye out for five more ways to avoid stress next week. In the meantime, let us help you avoid the stress of focusing on your trucking taxes. Contact us today for all of your trucking income tax preparation and tax filing needs.